Oasis Academies' Global Impact

The Oasis family is world-wide, with projects serving communities from Grimsby to Southampton, from Bangladesh to Mozambique. Oasis Community Learning, a Multi-Academy Trust and UK education provider is in fact just one part of a family of Oasis charities.

The ‘Oasis Global’ part of the family operates in ten other countries – Bangladesh, Belgium, Burkina Faso, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, USA and Zimbabwe. The ultimate aim of community transformation is achieved through a varying range of services in each country, including healthcare, anti-human trafficking, adult and child education, youth services and more.

The word family runs through our organisation, and we work closely with colleagues across the globe to learn from one another, share experience and develop the very best practice for everyone.

All Oasis Academies take part in the Oasis Global Partnerships Programme, with each of our Academies in the UK partnered with one or more of the 10 other countries that Oasis operates in. The Global Partnerships Programme allows both staff and students in our UK Academies to learn more about challenges faced around the world, further enrich the curriculum for students and help us to become better global citizens.

On the flipside, Oasis Global’s work benefits from both fund- and awareness raising support from colleagues and students in the UK, with each Academy often choosing to host a range of events and initiatives throughout the year to support their partner country. Staff and students from Academies regularly visit their partner countries, bringing with them a wealth of expertise and experience to share.

One shining example of the Global Partnership Programme in action has been the support for Oasis’ first Global Academy, Oasis Academy Musoto, Uganda.

Oasis Academy Musoto was born out of the desperate need for ‘exceptional’ education in Uganda. At the time, the 20,000 strong population was served by just a handful of schools, with high fees and additional costs often excluding the most vulnerable in the community.

In order for the Academy to be fully sustainable, thousands of pounds needed to be raised to cover both the cost of building works and the cost of ensuring we can provide quality education for those students. Academies in our South West Region who are partnered with Oasis Uganda collectively rose to the challenge of supporting their partner country. A week of fundraising specifically named ‘Oasis Academy Musoto Week’ saw thousands of pounds raised in a number of ways such as cake sales, obstacle courses and car washes. This was followed later in the year by a ‘cycle to Musoto’, which saw the partnered UK Academies cycle the distance from Bristol to Oasis Academy Musoto in Uganda – a total of 4,600 miles.

The partnership between Oasis Community Learning and Oasis Global is vital for both staff and students in the UK, and for Oasis’ global projects to receive further support. Oasis Community Learning Academies will continue to support the life-changing work of their global counterparts over the upcoming year and beyond.

If you would like to help support Oasis Academy Musoto or other Global Projects visit our global site http://www.oasisglobal.org/donation


Rianna Fernandez  Digital Editor, Oasis