Oasis Community Learning GCSE attainment improves across the country

Thursday 25th August was a big day for Oasis Community Learning; for our thousands of students who opened their GCSEs results across the country and for our principals, our teachers and all the support staff who work so hard to enable our young people to achieve their best.

Across the Trust this year, our results demonstrated the incredible amount of hard work by both staff and students in each Academy - we improved in both Progress 8 scores and ‘The Basics’ score – the per cent of pupils achieving an A*- C grade in both English and maths.

Oasis Community Learning’s vision is to create ‘Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community,’ with teachers who strive to develop character and competence in every one of our students.  We want to raise the bar and close the attainment gap for each young person so that, ultimately, they can have a positive and transformative effect on their local community.

In light of our vision, I am extremely proud of the work that Oasis achieved with our disadvantaged students this year.  Progress 8 for disadvantaged pupils has risen from -0.46 in 2015 to -0.22 in 2016, significantly above the 2015 national average of -0.40. This demonstrates that each of these pupils made a quarter of a grade more progress in each of their eight best subjects this year, compared to last. In the Basics, there was a 7% increase from 2015 to 2016 to 40%, above the 2015 national average for disadvantaged pupils.

There are so many stories of excellent progress across all of our Academies that there is not space to list them all here, however I have allowed myself one Academy from each of our four regions.

In the North West, Oasis Academy Media City UK followed up a terrific Ofsted report by moving their Progress 8 figures from -0.65 in 2015 to 0.06 this year – moving them above national average, and every student is now making two thirds of a grade more progress in each subject compared to this time last year.

In the North East, Oasis Academy Wintringham saw a 17 percentage point increase in the proportion of students achieving A*-C in English and maths compared to 2015, with 54% of pupils now hitting the mark.

In London and the South East, Oasis Academy Enfield followed up an impressive set of A Level results by improving their Progress 8 figures from -0.16 in 2015 to 0.26 in 2016, and an 11% increase in the percentage of students achieving A*- C in English and maths. 

In the South West, Oasis Academy John Williams has a Progress 8 score that is a quarter of a grade above national average, while their Basics measure increased from 53% of pupils achieving A*- C in English and maths in 2015 to 66% this year - their best ever GCSE results.

There is no complacency when it comes to our students. The new year is just around the corner and we will continue to be relentless in our efforts to ensure that every young person has their aspirations raised and is supported to fulfil their full potential, regardless of their starting points.


John Murphy

CEO, Oasis Community Learning