Brave students save a life in Waltham Cross

Three courageous local students, including someone from Oasis Academy Enfield, put saving the life of a man attempting to fatally harm himself before their own fear and safety, last Thursday (21st September).

Sami Farah, 14 from Oasis Academy Enfield, Devonte Cafferkey and Shawn Young, 13 and 12 from St Mary’s High School, were walking home when they noticed the man just before his attempt to hang himself and all three ran to his aid.

The parents of all the boys have expressed their pride at their selfless behaviour. Mohamed Farah, Sami’s father, said “what they did was very brave.”

The Principal of Oasis Academy Enfield, Neil Hassell, said

“The display of such courageous character shown by the boys is something to be commended. We are extremely proud of Sami’s actions. As an Academy, we pride ourselves on our ethos and strive to teach all our young people about strength of character and developing habits such as compassion and consideration for others.  This was an outstanding demonstration of both.

However, we recognise that the negative experience of this tragic incident may also have left its mark on Sami and here at Oasis Academy Enfield we nurture every student within our Learning Families, we will be here for Sami and will do our best to support over the weeks and months to come.”

John Murphy, CEO of Oasis Community Learning said,

 “At Oasis Community Learning our aspiration is to develop the character competence and sense of community in every young person.  This young man has demonstrated HIS exceptional character and competence for the good on someone else in his community and we couldn’t be prouder.”


From left: Shawn, Devonte and Sami.