Excitement grows as new IT classroom at Musoto nears completion

Oasis is proud to be partners with the local community of Musoto, Uganda, where together we are developing a new nursery and primary school for the local community, Oasis Academy Musoto.   

In this part of Uganda, only ten percent of children complete their primary education and then move on to secondary school, so Oasis Academy Musoto is responding to a profound need.  The Academy is not yet finished; Oasis owns the land needed for the school and has a couple of classrooms and kitchen facilities where children of nursery age grow and learn. 

Thanks to the fundraising support of students at Oasis academies in the UK, and the generous donations of IT partner ITEC, this summer Oasis Academy Musoto will open an IT classroom. 

The reclaimed shipping container is now in place, and workers are putting on the finishing touches to the new classroom.  Everything is ready for a team from ITEC to travel to the Academy in the next couple of months to install the computer equipment, and set up satellite internet connectivity and the solar panels needed to power the classroom all the year round.

Once the classroom is complete, it is hoped that Oasis academies in the UK will be able to connect with Oasis Academy Musoto, and allow teachers to work alongside those in Uganda to share best practice and develop new skills from thousands of miles away.  Not only that, but the classroom will become a community asset, providing training opportunities for local people.

Check back here for updates on Oasis Academy Musoto.