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In this Section


Oasis Trust is a company limited by guarantee and a charitable trust. Responsibility for the academies that make up the trust and for the funds granted by Parliament for providing education in those academies is entrusted to the Board of Trustees. 

These Trustees are also the Directors of the company. Much of the work of the Board is delegated to committees; in particular there is a separate committee for each of the academies which works as a Local Governing Body. 

The Trust greatly values and supports the work of local Governing Bodies and recognises the significant contribution that excellent local governance can make towards raising standards. In order to assist this, the Trust provides support to local governing bodies with governor recruitment, selection and training. It ensures that local Governing Bodies are well trained and supported by the National Education Team, who also report on Key performance indicators and areas of compliance to local academies on a termly basis. This will include an annual report on the performance of key groups of students. 

Local Governing Bodies recommend their budgets for approval to the Trust. As well as providing a range of high quality back-up services including school improvement, ICT, HR, project management, PR and legal advice, the Trust also provides strategic oversight of financial control and strategy through the Main Trust Board Finance and Audit Sub Committees. 


Model of Governance

Governance Structure

Scheme of Delegation