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Hear From Our Employees

At Oasis Community Learning we seek to employ individuals committed to making a difference whatever their job title and whatever role they play in our organisation. As a growing Multi-Academy Trust there is a strong emphasis on collaboration and best practice, designed to enable everyone to be the best that they can be in order to serve our students and communities in the best way possible.


Kate Atkins

Drama Teacher and Head of Year 9 – Oasis Academy Enfield  


Kate Atkins works at Oasis Academy Enfield in North London. Kate seized the opportunity to make the most of being part of the wider Oasis family...

Working at Oasis has provided opportunities both personally and professionally that I couldn’t have imagined.

I was attracted to work for the organisation initially because it appeared to have a philosophy of education that mirrors my own. Oasis place emphasis on educating and supporting the whole child and work extensively with children and young people both within school and in their local communities. The Oasis ethos shows in the enormously supportive and caring environment that exists for pupils, staff and families.

I first discovered the international Oasis projects and schools when I went to the regional conference at Oasis Hadley in 2013.  Oasis Academy Enfield is partnered with Oasis Uganda and it is amazing that following a concerted effort to raise awareness of the work there locally amongst our own students and staff, I had the opportunity to visit personally. 

While in Uganda I helped to plan and prepare a teacher training programme called equipped to teach. We planned several modules that Oasis could use to train teachers all over Uganda. This was also a raise funds for the Oasis projects. Every morning I would teach the pupils while trying to modal examples of different teaching methods to the staff. Being a Drama teacher I focused on the practical way of learning. We learnt about a story called Handa’s Hen and made it into a performance while embedding literacy and numeracy. I also taught them phonics through a song and actions.

The confidence and inspiration I have gained through working for Oasis Community Learning has been invaluable and even led to my speaking at the Oasis International Conference.



Jack Danson

Assistant Principal - Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue

Jack Danson, Assistant Principal at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue recently received the Pearson Impact Award for his overall contribution during this Teaching Fellows programme (2015-2016) at a special graduation ceremony in Manchester. This enigmatic teacher from Scunthorpe is the first to acknowledge how successful his career progression has been under the Oasis Community Learning Banner...


Oasis have given me every opportunity to maximise my CPD as a teacher.



Lara Fisher

Executive Assistant to London and SE Regional Director

Now EA to the busy London and South East Regional Director and based at the Oasis Community Learning National Office, Lara Fisher has taken every opportunity to advance her career...

I would say to anyone contemplating joining the organisation - just do it. You'll be welcomed into the family with open arms.

I joined OCL in 2013 as PA to the Director of Property and Estates and am now Executive Assistant to the Regional Directors of London and the SE, a challenging but greatly fulfilling role.  I would say to anyone contemplating joining the organisation – just do it.  You’ll be welcomed into the Oasis family with open arms.

I always wanted to work for a charity; somewhere I felt I was making a real difference to real lives and at Oasis Community Learning, that is definitely the case. I know that we are helping to improve communities and life chances for every student in our Academies.  It is also brilliant to be part of the wider organisation improving communities across the world. There is a true sense of family within the organisation and a deep-rooted ethos which is evident in everything we do.