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Hear from Our Staff, Video Transcript

Hear from our staff

Oasis Community Learning is a family of 47 Academies. We are based in four distinct regions across the country and we serve a very high proportion of disadvantaged communities. We’re really proud that over the last two years, we have moved from 30% ‘Good’ or better to over 70% ‘Good’ or better schools. We want to provide exceptional education at the heart of the community.

Undoubtedly without Oasis’ support I would not be where I am today. Oasis supported me through the Future Leaders programme and enabled me to go on the Headship Now programme, which ultimately resulted in me becoming Principal of this Academy.

When I first started teaching, I never thought I’d be wanting to lead a core subject, but three years down the line, I’m head of a year group, I’m taking on more responsibility. Without the support and the drive from other staff, and even the children around me, I wouldn’t have thought to have even imagined to do that.

When I started at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, I came in as an Early Years practitioner and through training – in-house and out-of-house – and support from senior management, I have worked my way up to Nurture Leader.

Every single person in this room registers that you’re now part of our family. We’re with you and we’re 100% behind you as you start your journey in Oasis, so let’s give them a big round of applause.

Already, the opportunities that I have had to work with other schools, to collaborate across for ideas and to look at ways to be more efficient as a leader has been really interesting.

The support that I have received through weekly observations and meetings with the subject mentor and a professional mentor have really helped me through that first couple of months which were really difficult in the classroom. And then, there’s this tailored CPD programme which is meant for new people to the classroom that has also really helped me to have a smooth start to my teaching career.

In terms of professional development, the opportunities keep coming. So for me I’m really happy to be part of the Oasis family.

When I started here, I came as the second in department – the learning coordinator. I’ve since become the head of department and have been wholly supported throughout that process.

For every teaching assistant, for every teacher, for every senior leader here, we’ve got to own the ethos, own that growth mind-set that anything is possible for our young people.

It’s very much a can-do attitude in terms of ethos. We’re inclusive, we’re welcoming and everybody feels a part of everything that we do.

We need to live out our ethos. It’s not just something that’s written on the walls, that we carry around in our files to Academies when we visit them. It’s something that, I think, each employee needs to be an owner for.

We need people who will come alongside us in our mission and serve young people of today, and help those who have relatively few chances to aspire to the heights.



[All statistics were true at time of recording]