It's official. Welcome Oasis Academy Broadoak

We were thrilled to officially welcome Oasis Academy Broadoak into our family last Thursday, with a special ceremony for the whole community.

In an assembly led by Head Boy and Head Girl, McKenzie and Lily, our newest family members showed what they are made of and impressed the room with dazzling performances. The Academy started the event with a special song by the choir about being there for one another, of which the rest of the pupil congregation joined in with.

We were then taken on a journey of the history of Broadoak with class photographs from the past and present. One of the students had even produced a time lapse video of the new school building being built, which he filmed from his bedroom window.

Special performances from the steel band and cheerleading squad left the room in awe, and shortly after we were delighted to share a video about Oasis Community Learning and the vision for our family going forward.

Steve Chalke, Founder of Oasis, amused and engaged with the Broadoak community as he gave a speech about what it means to be in the Oasis family. “Everyone is valued. Everyone is in” he said.

After the assembly, parents, carers and staff were invited to tour the school and see some of the activities the children had planned for the day. These included a special art lesson with a local artist, Oasis 9 Habits workshops, sweet making and interviews with local community helpers.

“We are delighted to officially welcome Oasis Academy Broadoak into our family, and are passionate about the future of the school” said John Murphy, Oasis Community Learning CEO. “It is our vision to provide exceptional education at the heart of every community, building a better society and enabling the leaders of tomorrow to flourish and grow with us. We are very proud that Oasis Academy Broadoak has joined our family.”