My Time with Oasis: A Student Perspective of Oasis Academy Shirley Park

We were privileged recently to have some of our students do work experience across the Oasis family national teams last month. It was a great opportunity for them to get to know what goes on behind the scenes not only in Oasis Community Learning but throughout the Oasis Foundation. However, for us it was also a fantastic opportunity. It was a chance to speak to our students and get to know first hand what it feels like to be part of the family from a student perspective. Michael was kind enough to write us a blog piece on his perceptions of life at Oasis Academy Shirley Park. 

My name is Michael and I am a year 10 student in Oasis Shirley Park. I believe that my school is an exceptional example of what a school should be. A place of hard work and creativity which encourages students like me to express their desires in life.

There are 3 major words linked to Oasis Shirley Park. Those 3 words being Polite, Prepared, and Productive. These 3 words are words which are followed by all students and staff in and outside of school. They ensure everyone is working hard and achieving the best results they possibly can. These 3 traits also make you more employable as it shows your employer you are a hardworking and enthusiastic individual.

Students at Oasis Shirley Park are open to many options and a vast variety of subjects ranging from Drama studies to Design and Technnology. This vast variety then ensures that the student's creative potential is reached and helps them widen their future choices in employment. Students that are uncertain of their future choices are helped and guided by staff who suggest pathways us students can follow. Learning is also made fun with engaging lessons and relevant topics, therefore increasing the likeliness for students to achieve higher grades. In addition to that, students that are less academically able than others have other options such as sports and additional subjects to find what they are good at.

Outstanding work and achievement are also celebrated at Oasis Shirley Park by having an annual awards evening to praise all hard work done by students. I myself have been nominated for awards for outstanding achievement and awards in Design and Technology. I believe one of the reasons for our students' achievements is the enthusiastic staff that work at Shirley Park, delivering and excellent education whilst keeping it fun.

Oasis Shirley Park is also a place of acceptance and inclusion meaning all kinds of people are accepted no matter of race or skin colour. This inclusion makes all newcomers to the school feel welcome.

As a student, I am a hard-worker and want to achieve the best possible results I can, keeping my doors open for the future. I am very interested in a career in either architecture or a pathway in medical science. Being at Oasis Shirley Park will help me achieve this as there are many after school interventions designed to help you widen your knowledge on things you didn’t understand during lesson. Revision packs are also given out if students prefer to work at home and help them to prepare for exams such as GCSE’s in year 11. Teachers at Oasis Shirley Park have helped me hit my targets and also exceed them giving me the brightest future possible. I am also interested in undertaking sixth form at Oasis Shirley Park in science in maths which will help me achieve the work pathway I desire.