New Oasis Leadership Development Programme piloted

Oasis have piloted a new leadership course for new and existing leaders across Oasis, providing participants with tuition and interactive opportunities to develop a better understanding of their existing skills and how to develop them.

Two separate groups have completed the first module of the ‘Oasis Leadership Development Programme on Leading Teams and Individuals’ pilot, Oasis Community Learning’s Executive Team and 14 other leaders drawn from around Oasis.

The first Module is facilitated by Abbe Barneby, Oasis Head of Leadership and Development, and experienced leadership development coaches Aled Thomas and Alison Findlay. 

‘It was wonderful to welcome people from all across the Oasis family,’ says Abbe. ‘The course is for current and upcoming leaders in the Oasis Group, the national team, and support staff leaders in Academies. So we were pleased to have colleagues from Oasis Community Partnership, the Oasis Foundation, Property and Estates, People Directorate, Communications, New Business and Developments, IT, Academy Finance Managers and PA’s.’

‘All of those who joined us really embraced the opportunity to learn and grow together.  We have designed the course so that participants do not only learn about leadership techniques but experience it through interaction.’

Before joining up together for three days in the scenic surroundings of Waverley Abbey House, Farnham, and each participant undertook a 360 feedback review from their teams, colleagues and managers, giving them an opportunity to practice both giving and receiving feedback. 

Abbe says ‘Leadership is obviously a complex and multi-faceted skill, which everyone can improve and develop.  One of the core elements of the course is giving space and time for our participants to reflect on what skills they have and which they would like to progress.’

The full course consists of three modules taught over 18 Months.  The first is ‘Leading People Through Teams’ that focuses on what leadership is, how to develop the skills around leading people, and how to develop successful teams.  The second will delve into who individual leaders are, and understanding how ethos and values affects what type of leader they become. The final module introduces participants to project management, and the numerous disciplines that leaders require to deliver a successful scheme of work.

Talking about their experience of the first part of the course, one participant says ‘I loved Module 1.  It taught you about very practical ways you can improve your leadership and management as well as time to reflect on the impact you have had on colleagues thus far.  I feel more confident in my role and would recommend it for all leaders.”

‘The course was really engaging from the first session to the last,’ says another. ‘The trainers did a fantastic job rooting the sessions in rich, meaningful and relevant content, something rare in itself, while also providing space for reflection and facilitating dynamic group challenge and learning time.  I can’t wait for the next instalment.’ 

Module 1 - Leading People Through Teams

  • Understanding Teams (What’s a high performing team? Support and challenge; stages of development; team contracts)
  • What is leadership? (The big picture; situational leadership)
  • Developing teams (Managing by strengths; decision-making;  forming teams; balancing team, organisation & personal vision; conflict resolution)
  • Leadership skills (Personal impact; envisioning & inspiring; delegating; conducting team meetings)

Module 2 – Leading Out of Who You are

  • Perspectives over time (history; experience; critical Incidents, self-leadership, timelines)
  • Understanding who I am (personality, passions, interests, stress management, well being)
  • Understanding Foundations for lifelong leadership (values/ethos-driven leadership, finishing well)

Module 3 - Project Management

  • Personal Organisation (Managing time, work space and resources effectively)
  • Finance (Developing and managing a budget; basic principles of accounting; keeping project records)
  • Change Management (Project evaluation; initiating and managing change in a project)
  • Public Relations & Networking (Representing the org/project; public speaking; creating effective support material; keys to effective networking)