OA Foundry receive International School Award

Oasis Academy Foundry, which has over 40 languages spoken within the Academy was recently awarded the International School Award, having received the Investors in Diversity Award in May this year, and the School of Sanctuary award in 2015.

The award, given out by the British Council is a supportive and motivational framework that guides schools through their international work. Recognition through the award opens up further opportunity for schools to develop their curriculum, providing a window into different cultures and societies.

As well its work to promote diversity within the Academy, Oasis Academy Foundry are twinned with a school in Poland who they share regular communication with.

Presenting Foundry with the award, the British Council said

“It is highly evident that your school has created an excellent platform for the promotion of the international dimension through the curriculum activities which involve all children at various points of the school year. In particular, the ongoing partnership with schools abroad is nurturing an awareness and understanding of a contrasting culture through direct communication and exchange which is clearly enhancing the development of citizenship and modern foreign languages.”