OA Mayfield receives award for commitment to equality

Oasis Academy Mayfield has become the first school in Southampton to win a prestigious award in recognition of its commitment to equality. Building on awards last year for School of Sanctuary[1] and Educate and Celebrate[2], the Academy has gone one step further to be awarded the EQualities Award, which pays tribute to schools proud willing to go the extra mile in demonstrating compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

To gain the award, schools have to demonstrate how they are supporting pupils and families of all abilities from all backgrounds, celebrating their achievements, promoting positive role models, and providing opportunities for learners to enjoy cultural and enrichment experiences that reflect and celebrate diversity.

Staff and academy councillors at Oasis Academy Mayfield carried out a comprehensive audit and produced a compelling collection of evidence for external assessment.

Students highlighted recent presentations made to the school by Councillor Satvir Kaur and Paralympian Joy Haizelden as examples of inspiring role models, which contributed to Academy receiving the award.

Congratulating the school for its achievement Dr Chris Derrington, Director of the EQualities Award, said: “In achieving this award, Oasis Academy Mayfield has demonstrated a very strong and genuine commitment to equality for all its students.

“The staff clearly work extremely hard to promote diversity at every level; they challenge inequality and show a genuine determination to foster harmonious relationships.

“These are important messages that help to breakdown stereotypes, raise aspirations and prepare young people for the responsibilities and experiences of later life.

“This showcases their commitment to equality for all groups and individuals irrespective of ability, ethnicity or gender.”

Oasis Academy Associate Principal, Claire Taylor said: “I am delighted but not surprised that Oasis Academy Mayfield has become the first school in Southampton to gain this outstanding and prestigious award.

“Inclusion, equality and fairness are values that are core to the ethos of Oasis; we are proud of Oasis Academy Mayfield, the education we provide our students and the community we serve.

“The Academy is committed to fostering a desire to treat everyone equally, respecting difference.”

Darren Paffey, Southampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “I was really pleased to be able to present this award to Oasis Academy Mayfield. This award recognises the hard work of the teaching staff, the academy councillors and the students. It is a proud moment for Oasis Academy Mayfield. And I was glad to pass on my congratulations.”