Oasis Academy Skinner Street truly a school of books!

Oasis Academy Skinner Street has come third in the prestigious World Book Day display competition; the only school in Medway and Kent to place, with over 76,000 children being entered for the “worlds of stories” event this year.

“Imagine if you could capture your favourite stories and bottle them up in a locked jar, how amazing would that be?” Kylie Fosbraey Y6

The World Book Day display was not a project at Oasis Academy Skinner Street, it was an experience! One in which children came together and took charge of what they love about reading; in the process creating a display which is so imaginative and engaging that adults in our Academy were moved to tears. If reading a good book is like taking a journey, then the pupils at Skinner Street have asked all of us to share in, and be part of, that journey with them. Reading has transformed our school in the last two years and for us, being recognised by the judges of the competition in this way, has shown us all that our journey has been a remarkable one indeed.

Just two years ago, Oasis Academy Skinner Street didn’t have a library or a real culture of reading for pleasure and purpose. Today, the Upper School library sees over a hundred children a day using it to further their love of literature. There are no tables and chairs in the Skinner Street library; just cushions and bean bags to get comfortable when you lose yourself in a book. There is nothing like walking into the library and seeing 40 children of varying ages, a hushed silence in the air, as each one is lost in awe and wonder as the book they are reading takes them to places they have never been.

Thanks to our third place prize in the World Book Day competition, Oasis Academy Skinner Street has now been able to open its second library in two years! Now the children in the lower school can benefit from their own special space as they take their first steps in the adventure of their lifetimes; the love of reading. The Lower School library has three reading cubby holes where children can forget about the world and focus on their imagination.

In the words of Holly, aged 11:

“Our main idea was an important one, our message was to inspire children to read and I feel like it will have a big impact on the children that go to our school. Children that don’t read, or read the books that we have chosen to express through art, get to be inspired by our display and therefore are encouraged to read some of these popular books that children and even adults love.”

“Our display is one of the most important ones that we have done. Not only because children at OASS are putting what they love on it, but because of the incredible books we have chosen to inspire. Another reason why we made this display is that this is the first year we have ever had a library and the teachers gave up their staff room so we could have one; this is our way of saying we are grateful and we are proud to be a School of Books.”