Oasis Academy South Bank’s new sixth form to open in 2018

Oasis Community Learning is delighted to announce that central London secondary school Oasis Academy South Bank will open a new sixth form in September 2018.

The sixth form will be located on the same site as the school, providing students with access to all the current facilities and benefiting from the Academy’s existing relationships with local and national employers.  

‘We are thrilled that the Department for Education has approved our application to open a sixth-form next year,’ says Oasis Academy South Bank Principal, Carly Mitchell.  ‘Oasis Academy South Bank Sixth Form will offer world-class post-16 education to the local community.  It will share the Academy’s relentless drive to improve our students’ life chances, supporting them to achieve their dream job and become model citizens.’

‘Like at our secondary school, our older students will be able to develop the skills they will need for their future careers thanks to the relationships we have fostered with supportive local and global companies on our doorstep.’ 

‘We also have a robust and academic curriculum in place, created to reflect the qualifications desired by leading universities and organisations.’

‘Since Oasis Academy South Bank opened, our staff have set the highest of expectations of our young people, enabling them to achieve their very best.  Our students have continually met and exceeded these standards, and will no doubt do so at our Sixth Form.  Oasis Academy South Bank students have limitless potential, and I am excited to see them flourish.’

Founder of the Oasis family of charities and Leader of Oasis Hub Waterloo, Rev Steve Chalke says ‘At Oasis Hub Waterloo we have a passion to serve local people by working with others to help create a community where everyone, regardless of age, background or situation, feels included and valued and can fulfil their potential.’  

‘As part of this mission we want to provide our young people with the opportunities that they deserve to realise their dreams and ambitions.  With the fantastic news that our secondary school, Oasis Academy South Bank, can open its new sixth form, we can now provide exceptional educational opportunities all the way from those for pre-school age children at Oasis Playspace, through our primary school Oasis Academy Johanna, and on to eighteen.’

‘Today is the realisation of a long-held dream we have had for the Waterloo community. We are so pleased it has come to fruition.’

‘Over the last four years Carly and her team have created an outstanding learning environment in which their aspirations are raised, and young people achieve things that they did not believe they were capable of,’ adds Oasis Community Learning CEO, John Murphy

‘The opening of the Sixth Form means the Academy can provide our students with the next step to either university or their desired career, and we are so pleased that we can serve the Waterloo community in this way.’