Oasis Hobmoor put on their dancing shoes for Oasis Zimbabwe

Teachers, staff and community supporters descended on Oasis Academy Hobmoor earlier this month to enjoy an evening of good food and dancing while raising money for the Academy’s global partner, Oasis Zimbabwe.

Year 1 teacher at the Academy, Shabnam Ranny, organised the event with Hobmoor Hub Leader Andy Brown and, supported by friends and family and the Hub’s community, put on a fantastic evening of entertainment.  After the event the donations were counted, and the attendees had raised over £1,360 for the fantastic work of Oasis Zimbabwe. 

In combination with the Academy staff helping to fundraise through selling raffle tickets, Shabnam’s family who donated the food, crockery and cutlery loaned from local churches and many of the prizes and the local business who also donated high value prizes it was a truly successful event with a strong sense of community.

Lisa Harrison from Oasis Zimbabwe, gave a presentation on the work that the charity does.  Centred in Harare, the capital city, the majority of their work is focused on a community called Epworth.  They provide many different projects including education, youth health, self-help groups, skills training and care for street children. 

Lisa also brought a number of fantastic products made by the Skills Training Girls for sale, such as bags, dresses, purses and skirts. She and Head of Global Partnerships for Oasis, Michelle Briers, were also able to spend time thanking the attendees for their ongoing support for Oasis Zimbabwe.

Shabnam also shared her own experience of Zimbabwe before she and her team served dinner, put on entertainment and dancing, and held a fundraising raffle. 

‘Both me and my husband thoroughly enjoyed the Zimbabwe night’, says Aysha Sultana a Year 6 teacher at Hobmoor, ‘it really increased our awareness of how we can support Zimbabwe and we were so glad that we could be part of a wonderfully positive movement.’

Asha Emmerson, Oasis Zimbabwe Country Leader paid tribute to Shabnam and Oasis Academy Hobmoor, saying; ‘What a fantastic event, thank you so much for all of your incredible work and support!’  

‘We so appreciate everything that you did to make this a success! It looked like such a fun evening, and we are beyond excited for the amount raised toward our Zimbabwe work.”