One Oasis Family unites for Oasis Academy Musoto

Earlier this month, pupils at Oasis academies across the country turned their focus on one of the most pressing global issues; access to quality education.  Taking part in our first ever ‘One Oasis Global Education Day’, our young people learnt about the impact a quality education has on life chances of children across the world, before taking part in fundraising for Oasis’s school in Uganda.

Oasis Academy Musoto class photo

A report by UNICEF[1] found that there are over 59 million children of primary school-age who are currently denied their right to education.  Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for more than a half of all out of school children worldwide, 55% of whom are girls.  Despite evidence showing that greater access to education rapidly increases a country’s ability to generate greater wealth, the proportion of children missing their schooling is growing not shrinking - aid to education has fallen by 10% since 2010.   

The Oasis charity works in 11 countries around the world and in many of these both the quality of education, and the access to it, is extremely poor.  Our vision at Oasis academies is to provide ‘Exceptional education at the heart of the community,’ and so as a family of schools we cannot ignore this vital global issue.

As part of our ‘One Oasis Global Education Day,’ across the country students jumped into action for their classmates in Uganda, and between them they have so far raised over £7,250.

Drums at Oasis Academy Warndon

At Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue in Scunthorpe, the pupils investigated life in Uganda and about how their schooling is different to ours in the UK.  There were a number of fundraising events at the Academy, including a ‘pop-up’ Fairtrade café and a bingo night.  Together with pupil donations from Oasis Academy Parkwood, they raised over £700. 

In central London, Oasis Academy Johanna’s Blue Class discussed what it means if children cannot go to school, and what that might mean for their future.  Jahira says that, “It’s not fair because we are all children and we are all equal.  We should get the same opportunities.” At Oasis Academy Ryelands the anger at injustice was similar - “Our eldest pupils were shocked at how many children do not get to go to school.  Why would boys get to go to school and girls do not?

A pupil protest at Oasis Academy Connaught in support of education for everyone, girls as well as boys

In the Midlands, Oasis Academy Warndon’s Year 6 pupils learnt about life in Uganda and then delivered lessons to the younger pupils across the school.  At Oasis Academy Short Heath, the Year 4 children looked at how many children lived on the streets and asked how they could help - if they could donate more things to them.  It was touching how our pupils wanted to give up their own things to help others.”  Between the two academies over £800 was raised.

Fantastic fundraising at Oasis Academy Pinewodd

Following the day’s events, Head of Oasis Global Partnerships and Global Learning Michelle Briers says, “We are delighted that so many of our academies, young people and teachers have backed One Oasis Global Education Day so enthusiastically.”

“All across our family we have learnt about access to education and how important it is that every child gets the chance to go to school.  The money that our children, parents and teachers have given and raised will make a huge difference to our school in Uganda.  The funds will ensure that we can employ new teachers as the school grows, give the children nutritious meals and to build a new toilet block for the pupils.”

7RBR of Oasis Academy Brislington who raised £200