Primary School League Tables – Oasis’s priority is pupil progress

As many of you will have seen, the Department for Education published the latest primary school league tables in the last week of the autumn term.

Across the country the picture is improving – the proportion of pupils reaching the expected standards in reading, writing and maths nationally is now 61 per cent, up from 53 per cent last year.  A fantastic advance in one year, justification for all the hard work of primary school teachers who are readily taking on the challenge provided by the new tougher SATs introduced two years ago. 

While the changes have caused disruption, I agree both with the raising of expectations and the new focus on pupil progress.  It is right that schools are incentivised to support every child to make great progress, regardless of ability or starting point, rather than concentrating on pushing up those pupils whose attainment sits just below an arbitrary line.

At Oasis we are honoured to serve children with such incredible talent and potential.  We have always made it clear that our priority is to provide them all an exceptional education, encouraging them to raise their aspirations and supporting them to fulfil their potential. 

I am pleased to report that last summer Oasis’s primary pupils secured some terrific results and made excellent progress.  I wanted to share with you some of our selected highlights from each of the regions we work in.

In Oldham, 92% of pupils at Oasis Academy Limeside have reached the expected standard, making them the best performing school in the town despite low starting points.  The amount of progress the children made in reading (+2.3) and writing (+2.5) is excellent, and amongst the best in the country for maths (+4.9).

In Birmingham, 72% of pupils at both Oasis Academy Hobmoor and Foundry have achieved the expected standard.  The progress made in all three subjects at Hobmoor was within the top 10% in the city, and Foundry’s progress in maths (+4.7) was ninth best out of 364.

The children at Oasis Academy Connaught in Knowle West, Bristol, made good progress in writing (+2.0), and exceptional progress in reading (+4.9) and maths (+5.1), the sixth and third best in the city respectively.

Last but not least, our three primary academies in Croydon all had terrific results.  Recently named Croydon Council’s School of the Year, Oasis Academy Byron, had 92% of pupils reaching the expected standard, with progress in maths and writing especially strong.  81% of the children at Oasis Academy Shirley Park achieved the standard, ranking it 12th best performing in the Borough.

Finally three quarters of the children at the ‘Good with Outstanding features’ Oasis Academy Ryelands made the expected standard with excellent progress in maths, leaping up thirty three places in the local league table in just one year.  Byron and Ryelands led the Borough in pupil progress.

The achievements made by the pupils in all of the Oasis academies is thanks to the children’s hard work, the support provided by their families, and the dedication and expertise of our teachers and support staff.  I am grateful to them all – together we will continue to drive up progress so that each of our young people have the opportunities that they deserve to grow and flourish.   

John Murphy, CEO of Oasis Community Learning