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The Journey, Video Transcript

The Journey

Let us take you on this journey of exceptional
Where we bring out the best in you and
Ignite that potent potential
A journey where we accept you for you
There's no illusion
Everyone is included in our circle of inclusion

We're enthusiasts
Infusing each individual with pride
Whether you're a student in a classroom
Parent in the community
Teacher in the staff room
Or support staff on duty

We're all one big family
Striving for transformation tied
In the art of providing exceptional education

We're stars within the cosmos
Shining bright with a rooted ethos to
Inspire everyone to aspire to be above average
Olympic high jumpers raising the bar
But we're not just raising the bar
We're closing the gap to exceptional education
Handing the advantage to the disadvantaged

Passionately persevering with every step on our pursuit to greatness

You can choose to travel fast alone
Or you can travel with us, further together

In our science of togetherness
The journey never ends
It's a marathon and we're in it for the long haul
Come and be part of our journey to exceptional

Exceptional education at the heart of the community.