We Remember Our Favourite Teachers on World Teachers Day

It is World Teachers Day today and we wanted to celebrate our favourite teachers and what made them so fantastic.

When you think about defining traits or characteristics of important people and influences in your life there are often commonalities between what people might describe. Has anyone ever told you their favourite person is caring, funny,  passionate or loyal? Most likely. But what about those people who shape who we are without us always realising at the time - what about our teachers?

There are a multitude of articles available online giving advice on what a teacher should be. They should be smart. They should be challenging. They should be encouraging. We asked the people in our National Office who their most memorable teachers were and not what they should have been but what they were that made them their favourite.

Here's what they said:

“Mr. Jones our Head of History and Head of years. He struck the fear of God in us but had a devilish sense of humour and always treated us like adults.”

“My favourite teacher was fun. They taught us everything we needed to know but also connected with us on a fun personable level. There was an air of trust in the classroom between us all.”

“Mr. Brenton. He made us laugh, told funny jokes and gave us all silly nicknames to make us feel special.”

“Mrs. Shehan. She cared. She was the only one who pulled me aside at the end of the lesson to ask if I was ok when I wasn’t having a good day. She sparked my love of History.”

“Mrs. Pennycate hands down. She never gave up on me. Because she put the effort in to help me I put the effort in with her, and even though we both created extra work for each other (by extra homework every day) it was worth it when my grade rose by 3 levels.”

“Mr. Hardwick was compassionate, personable and knew each student and their lives.” 

“Andy. He brought Economics to life and instilled in me a lifelong love of learning.”

“Mr Roberts. He was my favourite not because he worked hard for me but for others. He nurtured a young lad who was on the fringe of his set and stayed with him after lessons going through everything he didn’t understand. He believed him into greatness.”

“My favourite teacher made lessons interactive. We never knew what we were going to walk into when we lined up for class, one minute we were in a classroom the next walking through Roman towns.”

“Mr. Westfold was cool. He was fun and would make his subject interesting. He had an aura about him that was just different from the other teachers.”

"Mr. Smith who whenever we tried to make ane excuse for not doing something would ask 'Am i my brother's keeper?' and then proceed to tell us that at the rate we were going we would be lucky to even get into Lampeter University! (Not sure what he had against it!)"

We want to say a big thank you to our wonderful teachers, never stop being who you are and know that you are influencing lives for the better and remembered for a lifetime.